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In the fields of work equipment production and chemical cleaning, Nesadi Protect was certified with the QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, WORK SAFETY AND WELFARE SYSTEM and ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, according to the following standards: SR ISO 9001:2001, SR OHSAS 18001:2008, SR  ISO 14001:2005. Some of our main goals include:

  • Client satisfaction through exact knowledge of their expectations;
  • Permanent improvement of our management, in order to produce and deliver quality products, on schedule and at competitive prices;
  • Always maintain and improve the Quality Management System;
  • Permanent improvement of the work environment;
  • Permanent modernization of the infrastructure;

SR ISO 9001:2001

OHSAS 18001:2007

Sistemul de Managament al Sanatatii si Securitatii Ocupationale

SR ISO 14001:2005

Sistemul de Managament de Mediu

NESADI PROTECT was founded in 1993 having as main fild of activity the production of personal protection equipment and fabric processing. From the beginning we decided to offer quality products to our customers and this was proven all through our almost 2 decades of activity.


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